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Hi. My name is Jamie Phear.

I create with words.

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I love that a simple collection of words, arranged together in a particular way, can powerfully transport you through time and space and into the mind and experience of another.

The first time I read William Faulkner’s The Sound and The Fury, I couldn’t get over the fact that writing could actually awaken a reality far from one’s own experience. Faulkner opened up the experience and mind of Benji in a way that shifted my entire world. The same thing happened the first time I read Mary Oliver’s poetry. Somehow, I was there, traversing the forest, trudging through the swamp, and traveling with the wild geese. Although I am no Faulkner, and certainly no Mary Oliver, I hope my words can carry some small power to transport another. I hope that somehow, my words can open up worlds, awaken truth, and maybe even help unburden a soul — that somehow, my words can carry light.

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I love the transformative power of the spiritual disciplines and I’m particularly drawn to the practices of the early Christian Desert Mothers and Fathers.

The wisdom and wonderings of the Desert Fathers and Mothers have become the foundation of which I understand the deep work of spiritual formation. My writing is often inspired by a call to the wild spaces where the desert becomes welcoming rather than foreboding.  Much of my devotional writing is wed to the ancient practices of silence, solitude, and prayer, which I believe best open space for my heart to align with the heart of the one who created me. My work in spiritual formation relies entirely on practicing the way of Jesus and I love to encourage others along that pursuit.

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I love helping others begin the journey of calling, which I believe is deeply bound to a knowing of God and discovering of true identity as an image-bearer.

In a world that is increasingly noisy and a culture that is full of distractions and demands, it can be really difficult to tune out the noise and tune into God’s voice. In truth, each one of us is a unique image-bearer of the Creator of the Universe, who equips us with distinctive gifts and skills to fulfill specific purposes. I am passionate about building bridges to help people along the journey of discovering their identity and calling, a journey I believe we are all invited on. In line with this passion, I create teaching tools, run workshops, and build courses which help people along this path of discovery.